The Pros And Cons Of Adult Prisons

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There are many teenagers in the United States who are being charged life without parole in adult prison for crimes such as: involvement in a murder, second degree murder, first degree murder, and involuntary murder. Most people believe that when it comes to a juvenile murdering someone, they should be put in prison for life and tried as adults because it’s better for everyone in the situation. It’s understandable that adults believe teens know right from wrong even though their brains aren’t fully developed. Although they could be right, it’s proven that the majority of juveniles who are admitted to the adult system tend to develop mental disorders and are found to become more aggressive because of their surroundings, as a teenager myself, I believe there are other ways other than punishment for life for…show more content…
According to an article “ young offenders who were incarcerated were a staggering 67 percent more likely to be in jail (again) by the age of 25 than similar young offenders who didn’t go to prison”(Beuchamp). If that is the case now imagine how it would be if they’re in there for life, it’s a possibility that crimes could be committed there. Why have them in there for life when it can potentially make the issue a lot worse? It’s not the right thing to do, whether the offender murdered a person you cannot deprive them of their right to recuperate and make a change.
As mentioned before, the majority of juveniles who are admitted to adult prison tend to develop aggressive habits and become suicidal because of the environment they’re in. There is no way that a person can get better when his or her surroundings are unsafe and where they don’t get the attention they need to get better. Chances are that juvenile will probably get worse. Rehabilitation needs to be in a safe place like a juvenile detention
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