The Pros And Cons Of Advertising Models

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The Pros and Cons of Pay-per-click and Pay-per-view Advertising Models
There are two advertising models provided by online search engines to website and business owners who wish to promote their business online. The first one is known as pay-per-click or PPC and the second is called by the name of pay-per-view or PPV model. Both forms of advertising require website visitors to complete a task. In a PPC model, the visitor has to click an ad and be redirected to the business website and in a PPV model, the visitor only has to view an ad in order to achieve the goal. Both models have their pros and cons and to decide which one is better suited to the requirements of a business, we need to study these pros and cons in detail.
Pros and Cons of Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Many business owners choose this method of advertising because of its prominent benefits. Here are some of the pros of this model that make it a better option when planning an online advertising campaign:
• One of the most high up benefits of PPC advertising is that it allows marketers to bring in highly targeted traffic to their website so that the visitors would actually convert into customers.
• Another benefit that makes PPC an attractive advertising model is its ability to bring in fast results.
• When using PPC, a marketer is able to control the costs associated with online advertising through careful selection of keywords and spending money on only those keywords which are relevant to their business.
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