Informative Essay: The Development Of Anti Aging Pill

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Aging is a significant issue in our world with billions being spent every year on anti aging products. The influence of media and culture in our society show aging as a negative and sometimes awful process. Unfortunately, this fearful and unfavorable attitude about the aging process has become more universal in our modern world. However, this has stimulated much research and a greater understanding of the factors that contribute to aging and what practices can potentially slow down the process. People's habits and daily behaviors can have a significant impact on the way they age. There are many factors that influence aging such as smoking, alcohol intake, lack of sleep, stress and many more. Scientists are trying to find easy solutions (ex:pills)…show more content…
Obesity, diabetes, smoking, insomnia can increase damage to cells as well and speed up the aging process. I find it interesting that most people are already aware of actual ways in which they can tackle increasing aging. I think an anti aging pill would would be a billion dollar idea as many people are looking for quick fix to prevent the signs of aging. However, with every "quick fix" there tend to be both pros and cons. I decided to further my research into the possibility of the development of anti aging pill and found some interesting studies being…show more content…
Another very interesting story of 2015 is about a lady who grew with a major genetic immune disease was it seems thats cured her in her 30s by one among her chromosomes shattering into portions and reassembling. Scientists traced the lady's improvement of the elimination of a detriimental gene through this scrambling of DNA in certainly one of her blood stem cells, lately recognized phenomena that until now had only been linked to melanoma (cancer). This ************* For years, scientists have been wondered how long would it take for an object to fall through the center of Earth and reach the other side of the planet. Physicians thought that the answer was 42 minutes and 12 seconds, but the latest research estimates about 4 minutes

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