The Pros And Cons Of Agriculture In China

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China is the most populous country in the world and also a country of numerous farmers. China’s agriculture feeds a population of 1.37 billion of whose 48.8% of the population lives at the rural region. In the current situation, the rural population is 44.39% as per in the China (total % of the population). Land resources are scare: with 22% of the world’s population, china has only 8% of the world’s farmland about 0.1 hectares per capital. The portion of agriculture in China’s GDP dropped from 28.1% in 1978 to 11.8% in 2005. In China, the food producing enterprises like agriculture and its allied activities livestock farming the small and marginal farmers have dominated horticulture, floriculture; aquaculture etc. small farmers cultivating small plots of land characterize agriculture in Asia (NCESU, 2008).
China has the world third largest area of 960 million square kilometers, the arable area is only 107 million hectare, only 7% of the global arable land. Therefore, agriculture is the fundamental industry not only to guarantee the supply to food and other agricultural products for the huge population
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Commercial farming most frequently originates from developed nations. The harvested crop may be processed on-site (or shipped to a processing facility belonging to the farm owners) and then sold to a wholesaler as a complete product, or it may be sold as-is for further processing in another place. Commercial agriculture system differs considerably from survival agriculture practice as the main objective of commercial agriculture is achieving higher income through economies of scale, occupation, opening of capital-intensive farming techniques, labor-saving technologies and maximization of crop yield per hector through synthetic and natural resources (Edel,
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