Negative Effects Of Alcohol On Children

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In this generation alcohol and drugs are becoming more accessible to children and young adults. If one thinks about it, children and young adults can get drugs from home, parties or even at school. There really is no safe place for children to go and be completely drug free. More children feel that if they have do drugs or if they have drink alcohol this will impress their peers and then it will make them appear cool. When the child wants to fit in with their peers, then they will do anything to fit in with there peers.
There are many different forms of addition but many people neglect to talk about alcohol addiction. There are two main types are Alcohol Use and Illicit Drug use. I will be discussing alcohol. According to Clinton, Hart, and
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Drug use is increasing amongst younger people. For example, in this day and age marijuana is a most commonly used drugs amongst their peers. With more people promoting weed from celebrities to larger discussed debates many children feel like it should be legalized. Since marijuana is the most commonly used drug many people feel like it is socially acceptable. For example, in rap music, Wiz Kahlifa promotes the usage of weed and he has his own weed company. This influence can causes children to believe that if he is doing this and make making money so can the children. The more the children see celebrities use drugs they feel like it is socially acceptable amongst peers. Furthermore while weed is the most common, drug then there is cocaine and the hallucinogens and then there is heroin users.
The question become how can a person tell the difference between a person who is an addict? Addicts tend to have similar characteristics. In chapter twelve the books talks about person has mood swings. Then the person has impulse control of problems. For example, a person who is on drugs they end to spend their money faster than a person who does not spend their money faster. Another characteristics can be that a person frequently get arrested for their drug use and the person no longer cares about their appearance. This
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According to Clinton, Hart and Ohlschlager (2005) a sex addict believe that there problems with sex are out on control and that he or she feels powerless (p. 276). When a person has sexual abuse more than likely they have been abused physically, emotionally, and sexually. This situation is why they feel like so addicted to having sex with people because they feel like they that is they only way they can get love. Sexual addition is one of the hardest because a person puts them at risk for getting and Sexually transmitted disease, or losing their jobs or even getting HIV.
In the book The New Christian Counselor a Fresh Biblical Transformational Approach. Chapter five talks about addiction, it talks about and addiction being sin as idolatry. When a person is an addict it can be viewed as something that is bad because it similar to temptation. Furthermore, one of the things, the books talks about is people neglect God purpose for them and do so because of money, power or control prestige and pleasure. I believe this to be true because people want to live outside of their means because in society measure it does not look
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