The Pros And Cons Of Alcohol Consumption

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Life is a precious gift from God and safety of life is our basic responsibility. It is ensure by taking care of our health and to move away from activities that can damage our wellbeing. In other words, healthy eating and drinking habits have the ability to enhance the life span of individuals. The nature of food and drinks we consume for a living should benefit our health and not otherwise. Alcohol intake or consumption tends to affect ones social, physical, and health life. For example, it helps to develop chronic illnesses which may result in death and also affects the way how individuals interact with each other in society. I believe that alcohol should be prohibited by the legal authorities considering its fatal and negative effects of car accidents, family conflicts, change in academic behavior and health problems.
“Do not drink and drive” is a popular phrase enforce by the legal authorities through songs, billboards and magazines or newspaper articles. On a daily basis, people of all ages die or end up in critical medical cases due to motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol- impaired driver. I argue that drivers should not consume alcohol as it contains harmful substances such as ethanol which affects our senses and visibility thus causing car accidents, illnesses and
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They are twice as likely as nondrinkers to say that their school work is poor, and they report more frequently that they are disobedient at school. Among high school students, those who use alcohol are five times more likely to drop out than those who don 't use alcohol. These problems are not limited to the middle and high school setting; hangovers and drinking by college students lead to missed classes and falling behind in school work. Alcohol is implicated in more than 40 percent of all college academic problems and in 28 percent of all college

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