Alcoholism In Our Society Essay

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It is difficult to stop a problem if society does not deem it a problem; the tragic reality is that because alcohol abuse is viewed as a traditional part of society, insufficient measures are taken to hinder it. Because alcohol abuse is so widespread in our society, it influences all ages, ethnic groups, and types of people. Underage drinking has become an abundantly more prevalent issue in our society. In fact, it has not only become more common, but commonplace; in society, underage drinking is relatively given no second thought. While there are still those that oppose it, the society as a whole has welcomed it. “Ultimately what has happened is that country artist are beginning to cater to a younger demographic. That younger demographic already has a habit of binge drinking in general regardless of their musical preference. Consequently whether it be at a rave, a rap concert, or even a country concert, young audience members are watching their friends and peers drink and inevitably follow their example” (“Does Country Music Get a Little Too Drunk? 2016). Alcohol abuse has slipped its way into society, subtly at first, and has become increasingly more prevalent until it has become accepted. Modern…show more content…
Alcoholism has many false stereotypes; alcoholics are seen as filthy people who cannot care for themselves or their families, which is only true for a small portion of alcoholics. On the other hand, people who abuse alcohol are seen as part of the popular society. While alcoholics are seen as disheveled and unkempt, people don’t give a second thought to those who get wasted on New Years. By learning about the history, stigmas, stereotypes, and specific aspects of alcoholism and alcohol abuse, I have come to realize the significant differences between the two, and hope that this tragic epidemic in our society can somehow be

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