The Pros And Cons Of Alexander Hamilton And Hamilton

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After the Constitution of the United States of America was ratified, George Washington put its words into action. With the formation of his Cabinet, he appointed two men that soon created conflicts with their contrasting beliefs about how the new government should be run. These men, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, soon gained support and divided the country into political parties. Those who supported a stronger federal government, like Hamilton, called themselves Federalists; in opposition, Jefferson leading the Democratic republicans, favored a stronger state government. Both parties had America’s best interest at heart, however Hamilton and the Federalists’ ideas concerning the economy, interpretation of the Constitution, and the future of American society made them more fit for governing the United States. Hamilton’s understanding of a successful economy allowed him to make decisions that would benefit the country. As discussed in source one, Alexander Hamilton created a uniform currency and an economic plan that would assume state debts and make them federal debts. From there on, he created a national bank; in source three Hamilton states, “...[The Democratic Republicans] were determined to oppose the banking system, which would ruin the credit and honor of the Nation”, as he clearly has the nation’s best interest at heart. The Democratic Republican feared corruption, but they overlooked that their rights are protected in the Constitution and that their
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