The Pros And Cons Of American Football

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American Football is a very popular brutal sport to participate in, There’s an average of 264 million people that watch football each week. Football is a very well known sport here in America & there are many injuries caused by playing American football & there’s equipment that fans are now seeing & needs to be looked into. There’s many of pros & cons when it comes to American football, It is currently responsible for the most concussions that happen to players nationally. Many Fans, coaches, & even parents are now starting to see how dangerous & violent football is becoming. Too many players are receiving life-changing injuries due to the game a football & I think there needs to be a change immediately. I believe there should be tougher rules & improved equipment in American football because, The equipment is very dangerous & unsafe, concussions & injuries rates are increasing tremendously due to the unsafe equipment, & players lifespan are being put at risk. There should be tougher rules and regulations in American football because the equipment isn’t safe, the concussion and injury rate is increasing, and it’s starting to risk the player 's lifespan. There should be…show more content…
3 Teenagers across us died within a span of 7 days from head injuries. From this detail, this proves that football can be more deadly than enjoyed. One San Francisco linebacker retired at age 24, Citing concerns about head injuries. “I just wanna live a long & healthy life, & I don’t want to have any neurological diseases or die younger than I would otherwise”. From this quote, I can now see that players are actually starting to see the cruelty and danger football causes. The NFL (National Football League) is very slow to take part in studying head injuries, Which shows the lack of interest the league has in making it
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