The Pros And Cons Of America's Two Party System

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The American political system is a two party system. Political parties are organized groups that seek to gain power in the political system. There are several reasons why do we have a two party system. There has been a history that a two-party system arose in the United States from an early political battling between the federalists and the anti-federalists. Political parties are important part of the American government, which responsible for campaigning ideas, selecting candidates, mobilizing voters, organizing post election government activities and integrating new voters into the political process (Monroe, 299). In different countries, there are many parties, but there is a disadvantage that votes are divided into more than two parties…show more content…
In nations with many parties, each election is followed by negotiations among the parties trying to form a majority. Since 1856, there have been same political parties: Democratic and Republican. Democratic or Republican party identity tends to be a very strong predictor of your voting habits. Voting rates are higher among those with strong party identification than among the rest of the public with weak party identification. For example, in 1954, in America, there were three parties; Northern, Whig party and Republican Party because neither the Northern nor the Whig party was against of slavery, Republican party came into place, but later, Whig party disappeared and third party, the Republican Party survived and northern party became the Democrats’ party. So, like that even if there happens to be a third party than no vote will be given to the one party because any rational people will not vote and other people will either vote to the Democrats or to the republicans. So, third party will be automatically out of the political system. Some political parties are organized and some are disorganized. When the party is weak and disorganized, vote rate tends to be lower than strong and organized party’s. Whichever party wins gets everything, all benefits of majority and losing party does not get

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