The Pros And Cons Of Amur Leopard

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Amur Leopard is critically endangered because it’s hunted illegally for its beautiful fur. Their population is estimated to be about sixty individuals, they live about ten to fifteen years in the wild and twenty in captivity. People are trying to save the animal from extinction by monitoring populations, protecting their habitats, and trying to stop poaching and trade.
Javan rhinos are critically endangered because of genetic diversity, natural disasters, invasive spaces, and diseases. They are only found in one protected area and there are about sixty of them left. They are killed as agricultural pests, and for their horns. People are trying to increase their habitats in eastern Ujung Kulon so the population can expand and grow.
Black Rhinos are critically endangered because of their horns, and five to six rhinos are killed a day for food of for entertainment. Their population is fewer than five hundred. In 2016 one thousand fifty-four rhinos were reported killed in South Africa. The habitat changes have also contributed with the population decline. Organizations are working to stop poaching, to increase their populations, to improve law
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Its purpose is to protect and recover endangered species and ecosystems that need it. The act was created by the Congress in 1973. More than thirteen-thousand U.S. plants and animals have been federally listed under the protection of the Endangered Species Act. The Act is administrated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Commerce Department National Marine Fisheries Service. The Fish and Wildlife service is responsible for terrestrial and freshwater organism, and the Commerce Department National Marine Fisheries service is responsible of marine wildlife. The Act includes three key elements: preventing listed species from being killed or harmed, protecting habitats, and creating plans to restore healthy
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