The Pros And Cons Of An Interview

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An interview is a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer from the interviewee. This process is used to analyze the candidate’s capabilities who are aspiring to join an organisation. But on an important day like interview many lose confidence. This in turn lets the appropriate opportunity slip out of hand, even if you deserve the job. Nervousness is natural, but the trick is to project self-confidence and prove that you are worth it. Self-confidence is absolutely vital to a successful job search. You must sincerely believe that you are an outstanding applicant and be able to professionally demonstrate the reason behind your claim. When you are nervous, you give off nervous signals through your…show more content…
Just breathe: While waiting for the interview, take a few moments to relax yourself. Do some breathing exercise. Take a deep breath through your nose and then slowly blow it out through your mouth. By doing this, you can redirect the troublesome emotion you are experiencing. When we are anxious our blood flows away from our brain and our cognitive functions can suffer. So slow, deep breathing will bring the oxygen back to the brain and help you to think clearly and confidently. Exhibiting confident body language can literally make you more confident by triggering physiological changes in your body. If you spend a few minutes before your interview in a confident pose, your body will release chemicals that help you handle the stressful, confrontational nature of interview. 12. Understand your positive and negative points: First of all, you need to fully understand yourself. Where you are lacking, what is the cause of your low confidence level, why your confidence goes down while appearing in an interview and most importantly what are the efforts you are making to gain back your confidence level. Try to recognize your strengths & weakness. Conclusion A Job search can be stressful time in a person’s life, staying positive and motivated can make a world of difference. The more confident you feel, the more it will

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