The Pros And Cons Of Anarchist Communism

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Imagine a world where the money that you make didn’t go for profit, but instead it went to the common good for everyone. A world where everyone as a whole controlled the means of production and you yourself was free from any government control. This is exactly what Anarcho-Communism, or Anarchist Communism, is. Today i will be going through the three main points of this ideology. What it is and where it came from, how it works and the benefits of implementing, and closing with the history and the cons of implementing Anarcho-Communism. Starting off Anarchy Communism is a form of government that abolishes the state, private property and capitalism. This means you’re not controlled by any higher power, you don’t necessarily own anything, and…show more content…
So by using the Anarcho-Communist plan everybody is a part of something. Everyone contributes to the greater good for everyone without the effects of a higher power. This is good for many reasons. The main reason is since there is no government the person is in charge of himself and there are no boundaries on what you can do. If this is put into use than everyone who contributes to the community won’t die or become poor. This idea is also in favor of common ownership so everything is yours and everyone else's. This can also be a bad thing which leads me into my last and final point. There are many cons to putting in place an anarcho-communist government that includes many people. Most people like to own things and that is a major problem within a community of many people. Since people like to own things they are more likely to go against this sort of government. There is also a problem with the people who don’t want to work, if people don’t want to work than the community will fail and eventually lead back into the most common government of capitalism. Anarcho-Communism has been put in place many different times throughout the history of
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