The Pros And Cons Of Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome was a huge empire that ruled over the Mediterranean. Rome gave many gifts to other civilizations, for instance, the way the Colosseum was built was introduced to other civilizations. The Roman republic was somewhat meeting the common good. Common good meaning everyone was being affected in a good way. If I had to give Rome a grade it would be an A minus. Providing Public services I think that Rome would get a B in providing public services. Even though they channeled water in an advanced, complicated way, it was lead pipes. And all of that water absorbs the lead and either go down there through which is not good or on their plant which is also not good. The Colosseum was an amazing building and even though it is amazing what was going on in the arena was not good at all. They 're where gladiator fight. Gladiators are expensive to train so they don 't usually die, but the slave is free and there are a lot of slaved that fight. The slaves fight when their owner dies and they usually fight to the death and the winner was executed. There is a lot of bad stuff but there is good stuff to maybe more good than bad depending on what status you were. One thing everyone had was the ability to go anywhere on a road. The saying all roads lead to Rome is actually true, every time the Roman empire conquered a place they would build a road from there all the way to Rome. Support Economic system When it came to Support Economic system I would give the Romans

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