The Pros And Cons Of Animal Cloning

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Throughout history there has been countless research, projects, and discoveries that could be considered controversial. The one thing that they all have in common is that they all would cause some form of change. This change could be as minute as building a walmart next to a high income neighborhood to using animals to test human products. A new example of research that has caused controversy is the cloning of animals. Whether it be cloning pets to cloning the dairy cows that produce the most milk, people tend to feel strongly about whether or not cloning should be legal in the United States. Due to the unconfirmed nature of cloning outcomes, all animal cloning (particularly pet cloning) should be outlawed. This is a very common view on cloning held particularly by veterinarians; however, there are still some people that feel cloning should remain legal.
There are many cons to cloning. The most important reason not to clone is that the wellbeing of the animals involved in the cloning is not top priority. The mother of the animal being cloned is the first animal that can be hurt by the cloning process itself. In order for an animal to be cloned, researchers must take an embryo from a mother and put the DNA from another animal into that embryo. Then, that embryo with the cloned DNA is put back into the mother it came from and stays there until the clone is born. Throughout this whole process, the mother could be harmed physically by the surgeries and emotionally by

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