Animal Cloning Pros And Cons

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Throughout history there has been countless research, projects, and discoveries that could be considered controversial. The one thing that they all have in common is that they all would cause some form of change. This change could be as minute as building a walmart next to a high income neighborhood to using animals to test human products. A new example of research that has caused controversy is the cloning of animals. Whether it be cloning pets to cloning the dairy cows that produce the most milk, people tend to feel strongly about whether or not cloning should be legal in the United States. Due to the unconfirmed nature of cloning outcomes, all animal cloning (particularly pet cloning) should be outlawed. This is a very common view on…show more content…
Whether that be the researchers in charge of the cloning project, the companies opening it up to the public, or the public that wants to partake of the cloning opportunity, all of these would not have something that they had before if cloning was outlawed in the United States. Many researchers are in support of cloning because they feel that cloning opens up many doors and possibilities in the research world. This stems from a common issue faced in research... not having a control that is alike enough to be accurate. A solution to this issue per researchers is to have the controls (lab rats) all be cloned. With the ability to clone, all the rats would be genetically identical and therefore the control would be more reliable. However, the current situation seems to be working well enough for researchers. New discoveries are still occuring at a rapid rate, and the slight differences in rats should remain because they are an accurate representation of mankind. Not all humans are the same and discoveries should not be based off of exactly one genetic combination. There are also various different companies that support the cloning of animals. These companies also benefit in some way from the cloning of animals. From the companies who produce the equipment needed to clone to the animals, to the companies that actually clone them, there is much money to be made. This is the ultimate reason that there is so much support for cloning from these higher powers. From one owner wanting to clone their dog, a company like ViaGen can make $50,000. But for everyone who agrees with cloning, there are those who do not. Most veterinarians disagree with cloning. From a veterinarian 's perspective, cloning is a way of creating an animal that is predisposed to a surplus of health issues. From organ issues to premature death, the likelihood of creating an animal that does not
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