The Pros And Cons Of Animal Euthanasia

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Human life is precious, then how about animals? Ending human life is considered as unethical and this is against the law. However, this does not apply to animals. Even though most families treat their animals as part of their family members, animal euthanasia is still a controversial issue nowadays. Millions of dogs are euthanized in each year and several methods are used by the veterinarian to put the animal to death. Euthanasia is an act putting the animal’s death painlessly and do not show any signs of distress. The word ‘euthanasia’ is a board term in veterinary area which applies to healthy animals and terminally ill animals. Animals should have their rights and they should deserve the same way as humans because there is no difference
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The canines are considered as part of the family members more than as a domestic animal nowadays in most families. The bond between the animals and humans are inseparable. However, according to American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), there are approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized in every year (ASPCA, 2017). This implies that animal euthanasia is a controversial issue nowadays.

There are several reasons the animals are euthanized and it depends on each case. The major cause of animal euthanasia is the overpopulation of the shelter. Euthanizing the animal is the only method to reduce the population in the shelter and control the number of different species. Some of the animals are euthanized due to severely ill or prevent an outbreak or a disease. Some are euthanized because of behavioral problems such as aggressive. Other healthy animals are euthanized due to the choices of owner such as moving to other country or the regulation of living area. There are varies methods of the euthanasia of animals which an experienced veterinarian is needed to proceed the process. The most recommended method is intravenous injection of 20% Pentobaritone solution, which this is a fast acting action. The animals are ‘put to sleep’ without showing any signs of distress or pain. Others acceptable
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Animals are not the tools for human to abuse. Human should treat the animals with respect and equally. There is not a big difference between human and animals. Sometimes, animals have the ability to show the emotions and feeling such as happy, sad, scared or even pain. Besides the basic emotions, the animals are able to form a strong and reciprocal bond to humans or to animals. Even though the animals do not have the ability to speak and write, but they are capable to show emotions and feelings through non-verbal communications or actions. For example: When the owner comes back home, the dog flicks its tails and licks the face of the owner to show its happiness. Moreover, a scientific study shows that dolphins and dogs are intelligent that they are able to make choices. Another example is an infant does not have the ability to speak or write just like animals, but why do most people think that killing an infant is immortal and unethical? This shows that non-human animals and fetus are the same, ending the life of animals without their permission is
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