Animal Testing Is Bad Essay

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“Nine out of ten drugs that pass animal studies fails in humans” (Moore 2). Many patients in the world of medicine need drugs with low risk factors. Animal experiment is becoming a thing of the past and for good reasons. The experiments are no longer answering the scientists questions, but when the products does work on animals it is never going to be hundred percent for humans. Animal experimentation is wrong because animals can register pain just like humans, the medication is not reliable, and money is lost when it is ineffective. Scientist are intentionally infecting animals with diseases, force-feeding chemicals, blinding, burning, mutilating, and leaving them to suffer (Moore 1). There some actions that can be taken to reduce the amount of animal experiment that is being done. The three R’s research replacement, reduction, and refinement (Conlee 1). Scientist can develop a bond with their subject and begin to care to for the animal subject. Scientists like Sean Hamill who develop a…show more content…
Scientists are not only hurting animals in the process but also putting patients’ in danger. “(W) e have cured mice of cancer for decades”...”It simply didn’t work on humans” (Moore2). It is just a poor predictor of their effect on humans (Hamil 2). Our world has been introduced to so many new methods as to where we can simulate human’s reaction to different experiments. Making a new and safe environment would not only help the animals, but also put less emotional stress on the scientists. Only about seventy percent of the time animals experiment is reliable (Hamil 1). Many forms of medication used for animal research are relabeled or pulled off the shelf because they have sicken or killed a human patient (Moore 2). The experiments just fell far short of expectations (Conlee 1). When the medication are pulled, money is lost in the making and canceling the
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