Genetic Differences In Animal Experimentation

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Animal experimentation has been used in biomedical, behavioral, and cosmetic experimentation and research for a few centuries; experiments using animals were used in Greece more than 2,000 years ago and since then there have been numerous advances in solutions, medicines, and in the comprehension of how the functions of creatures have been the immediate aftereffect of creature experimentation. Just like experimentation and research using animals is not new, the worry over the welfare of research facility creatures is likewise not new, as reflected in the exercises of different creature welfare and antivivisectionist groups dating back to the nineteenth century, the concern over the wellbeing of these animals has even prompted laws and controls…show more content…
“There are many differences between chimpanzees” or monkeys in general to “humans in DNA sequence and how our genes function. These genetic differences ultimately cause differences in physiology” ( “Human diseases are typically artificially induced in animals, but the enormous difficulty of reproducing anything approaching the complexity of human diseases in animal models limits their usefulness”. According to the The Flaws and Human Harms of Animal Experimentation, even if there were a considerable amount of similarity between an animal like the monkey and the corresponding human disease, the interspecies differences in physiology, behavior, pharmacokinetics, and genetics would ultimately limit the reliability of the results of the animal study, even if there was a considerable amount of research put into the study. One of the most notable failure of the ability to translate the results of animal experimentation using monkey is the HIV and AIDS vaccine research. An enormous amount of time and resources were put into creating non-human primate models of HIV and 90 HIV of the HIV vaccines the succeeded using the monkeys failed in humans. So the monkeys went through an enormous amount of poking and prodding all in the name of a vaccine that ended up being ineffective in the end. Both the physiological and genetic differences between monkeys and humans make the humans’ use of primates to study diseases of humans, treatments for humans, and for pharmaceuticals invalidate the results gotten from the
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