The Importance Of Animal Exploitation

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Exploitation is an act or action that is selfish and will only bring benefit to the

exploiter. Animal exploitation is being practiced all over the world. Animals are being

beaten and mistreated. Countless numbers of animals are dying each year because of the

cold-hearted people who do not treat them right. “Of 1,880 cruelty cases reported in the

media in 2007: 64.5% (1,212) involved dogs, 18% (337) involved cats, and 25% (470)

involved other animals”. (“Human Society Organization,” 2014, para.5) Should there be such

thing as animal rights? Yes they should because animals are just like humans. They have a

nervous system and can be affected both physically and mentally. Animal Exploitation comes

in many different ways. Some
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In 2011 ,an Illinois hog farm

spilled 200,00 gallons of faeces into a creek, taking the lives of over 110,000 aquatic lives.

(“Farm sanctuary organization,” n.d., para.3). Factory farming can cause permanent and

highly impactful damage to the already dying environment we live in.

Animals that are used for entertainment purposes will also bring many effects to the

animals themselves. Many people go to circuses, zoos and other forms of entertainment and

only see the good side of it. They do not realize and see the animal cruelty behind the scenes.

Due to the constant travelling circuses has to do, animals are forced into confined and barren

cages when relocating. Their movement in their cage is very limited. Mainly in circuses,

employees have been using violence to train and discipline their animals. In order to achieve

an obedience animal, they have been whipping and cursing at the animals. According to

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA] (n.d.), “The AWA allows the use of
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