Animal Testing Bad

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Over 100 million animals are used as test subjects in the world, with approximately 26 million of them in the United States. Sadly, a majority of the time the products that are being tested on animals are not even effective once human trials begin. Consumers might object that if the products were tested to be safe on animals then they would be safe for humans. Yet, 92% of the times the products actually work in animal trials they are later deemed too dangerous or uneffective for people. Which means that most of the animals used in scientific testing are being abused for no apparent reason. Due to this realization, it seems ridiculous to continue to harm, expose to danger, and mistreat animals all in the name of science. Ethics are described as the moral principles that guide the way people behave. Ethical issues range from child labor to discrimination to animal testing. Science has put regulations and restrictions against the…show more content…
These people would also say it is difficult to replace animals because other options are more difficult to test on. According to Ferdowsian, replacing animals in research would be difficult because the biology and genetic make up of animals is too similar to humans to be easy to replicate. Therefore, removing all animal testing would be a difficult task because testing the products on an actual organism allow researchers to mirror the outcomes of the products on humans. However, Ferdowsian continues by stating, “While it is important to acknowledge limitations to non-animal methods remain, recent developments demonstrate that these limitations should be viewed as rousing challenges rather than insurmountable obstacles.” (par. 21) She is essentially saying that while it will be difficult to remove animal testing, science should not give up on this goal just because it will prove
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