The Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

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About 26 million animals are used for testing every year in the United States. Some people say that animal testing has contributed too many lifesaving cures, whereas others believe would believe animal testing is cruel.
Animal testing is any scientific experiment or test in which a live animal is forced to undergo something, such as medical treatments, to determine the toxicity of medications, check the safety of products destined for human use, and other biomedical, commercial, and health care uses. Which can be harmful towards the animals and beneficial to humans.
Animal testing has contributed too many life-saving cures and treatments. Medical studies has stored and stepped forward the lives of hundreds of thousands of human beings. The California Biomedical Research Association states that nearly every medical breakthrough resulted directly from research using animals. There’s experiments in which dogs had their pancreases removed, helped discover of insulin. The cause of that helped save lives with diabetes. In 1988 to 2016 there’s been 350,000 cases to 27 cases where the polio vaccine, tested on animals reduced the global occurrence of diseases. Animal research has contributed to understanding and treating conditions such as brain injury, childhood leukemia, and brain cancer, tuberculosis, and many others. Chris Abee, Director of the University Of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center 's animal research facility, says that “we wouldn 't have a vaccine for hepatitis B
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