The Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

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2.0 Body Content 2.1 Reduction A way of justifying animal testing is to reduce the number of animals involved in animal testing. In 1970s, 5.5 million of various animals including chimpanzees, dogs, mice, rabbits, monkeys etc. are involve in the medical research field as test subjects for various experiments (PETA, 2014). However, some experiments were not beneficial to the development of the medical field but cost over a million dollar. In the United States of America, 16 billion dollars had been used on animal experimentation- 1.9 million dollars are used on the experimenting on heart diseases on dogs conducted by Ohio State University, 5 million dollars were used on obesity experiments conducted by Oregon National Primate Research Centre, while 16 million dollars were used by Harvard University to fund 1200 individual experiments on drug addiction by using monkeys as test subjects. Although animals were sacrificed in the experiments, most experiments did not reach its goal due to flaws causing a waste of life (Grant, 2013; Peta, 2014). In order to improve animal welfare, licenses should be granted to the researchers in order to use animals in the experiments. To have a license, laboratories will be assessed on different criteria such as hygiene, experimental methods, professionalism etc. Only then, researchers are allowed to request for funds. In the United Kingdom, every research must be approved by the Home office and can only be conducted by institutions and
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