The Importance Of Ethical Treatment Of Animals

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Animals are not common thing people are interested in. however, many people think that we must stop the unnecessary pain which animal suffer from in zoos, aquarium and circus. Also, animals are used in medical research and experiment. Some organizations are against medical results from animals experimentation. Animals are being badly used in circus in order to entertain the viewers and make them laugh. Without thinking that it is a living creatures like you have the right to live freely. Animals must be free in their forest and wild life. And not to mess with food chain or the natural balance of wild life. As a result, it might put many spices in the risk of extension. Some people claim that zoos and circus are useful and considered it as an entertainment source ,escapism and educational source. Others support the idea that zoos and circus must be shut down because animals have the same rights as human have. I believe that we must protect , raise them and increase the number of endanger spices.…show more content…
Also, says it can be a source of national income and experimental field for example, experiments done on rats like replanting organs and in science of anatomy. However, According to Gershoff , some people and organization oppose using animals in medical researches like PETA, which is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is one of the well-known organization is strongly against animals experimentation and fight for animals welfare and rights . Also, according to Morgan animals behind fences in zoos and circus suffer from mental health problems because of their captivity even they tried to recreate a similar environment which they were

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