The Pros And Cons Of Antisemitism

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There is a specific idea about what antisemitism looks like. Violence, white supremacy, concentration camps, shouting of the fourteen words. This type of antisemitism has existed for thousands of years from the First Crusade to the Holocaust to the Charlottesville Riots. Antisemitism is also attributed to the “Alt-Right,” but it is more widespread than that. It has seeped into most every community imaginable; in fact it is so widespread that most people do not know that they are being antisemitic. From American liberals to the LGBT community, antisemitism is everywhere. This subject is even more prevalent after the 60% increase of Antisemitic incidents from 2016 to 2017. According to CNN Wire, in 2017 there were “163 bomb threats towards Jewish community centers, 1,015 cases of harassment, 952 of vandalism, and 19 cases of assault”(para 11). Many of the vandals proclaimed the Holocaust never happened, destroyed Jewish gravesites, and spat slurs at Jews. These types of incidents have also raised in schools and colleges 94% and 50% respectively (para 15). The key here is that these incidents were not only caused by outright Nazis, the Alt-Right, and other well known antisemitic groups. They were caused by other groups as well, including communities that generally advocate equality and intersectionality, such as American liberals and the LGBT community. This is not to say that it is always conscious and malicious intent, but these two groups may step back and look at their
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