The Pros And Cons Of Antisocial Violence

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The Hurricane Betsy struck at New Orleans in 1965. The police statistics showed that burglaries reported to the police fell from 617 to 425 comparing to the same month in the previous year. There was a decline of major crime 26%. Thefts of over $50 dropped around 13% and these of under $50 also dropped 30%.
The Police statistics of Lubbock compared the crimes during a major tornado period with normal time periods. Statistics indicated that after 48 hours period of impact, only four persons were arrested for burglary. The crime was quite bigger in normal 48 hours time period because on an average 13 people were arrested for burglary.
In the case of Texas Hurricane 1983, both the police in Galveston and Houston explored that they had received few reports of looting. Only 15 persons were arrested under the suspicion of looting.
Tornado Waco in Texas, 1953: Police reported that there was a little amount of looting. Some objects from jewelry store windows were scattered over the side walk.
Earthquake, San Francisco in Bay Area, 1989: Only a few dozens of looting occurred entirely the Bay area especially most were happened traditionally high rate crime areas. However, many
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His paper focuses on the antisocial behaviors like looting or stealing of goods, violent and crimes. There is a common perception is that such behaviors generally occur in the emergency time period of natural and technological disasters. But there are still little supports on this supposition; the research has been undertaken since the end of World War II. The researcher found that according to the previous literature review, antisocial behavior is rare during the emergency period of disasters. This rate is hardly recognized in the western type societies which are highly urbanized, socially and industrially developed. That is why the belief in people’s common conception is called by the researchers as “Disaster

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