The Pros And Cons Of Appeasement

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Appeasement is the policy of making compromise to the dictatorial power in order to avoid conflict .Appeasement was a policy adopted by Britain during the 1930s. This policy developed from the growing belief that some countries, especially Germany, had been unfairly treated in the peace settlement of 1918-1919.. So in this essay I will explain and justify whether appeasement was the right policy or not .When Hitler started ruling Germany , he tried to stop the treaty of versailles as it consisted of aggressive and harsh terms that the Allied powers had put in for Germany , in order to avoid conflict.It reflected a sense, present in France as well as Britain, that the Versailles Treaty (1919) had either been too harsh initially or had become unenforceable

Appeasement would have been the right decision if it had worked out equally between the countries . Everything that has its positive side, also has its negative side and it was the same situation with appeasement.There are mainly 3 disadvantages of appeasement which are appeasers misjudged Hitler , Appeasement was morally wrong and finally appeasers missed a lot of chances to stop hitler .

The appeasers misjudged Hitler, appeasement was morally wrong and finally the appeasers missed excellent chances to stop hitler . Although the a majority of British people agreed with the policy , there were some who disagreed . Winston churchill were one of those individuals who completely disagreed with appeasement . Churchill

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