The Pros And Cons Of Arming Teachers

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Lastly, opposing views claim arming teachers will be a more efficient use of resources. To begin, arming teachers will not be more cost efficient. FLASHCARD 9 INTRO- describes how those whose parents are against guns in the classroom will be given a voucher to attend a private school. If students are given free vouchers to attend private schools, it will end up costing more than to hire police or school resource officers. “Average Private School Tuition Cost (2016-2016)” found on reports the average tuition of a private school yearly is $9,518 while reported the average salary of a school resource officer is $62,000. Using these numbers, it is shown that giving only ten students vouchers in a single school will exceed the cost of hiring a school resource officer. …show more content…

Because only few insurance companies would want to ensure armed school, it can be assumed that the prices for insurance will be significantly higher. FLASHCARD 11, continued to report how insurance companies calculate arming schools will increase rather than decrease the risk of a school being attacked. Diamond explains how teachers will be put through training regularly because the training will be lengthy in time, it will be wasteful and unproductive for teachers. With teachers spending useless time in training, they are spending less time towards participating in education or preparing for education; therefore, decreasing the quality of education received by students. With all things considered, and despite the views of those in favor of arming teachers, arming teachers will not be an efficient use of

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