The Pros And Cons Of Arranged Marriage

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Marriage is a verb rather than a noun, making it an action that individuals make by loving their partners every day (Angelies, n.d.). Many men and women find themselves a spouse through what is called an arranged marriage. Arranged marriages is a worldwide way of finding a husband or a wife through a careful matching that parents do for their sons or daughters to secure them a happy future life. Such matchmaking could take time depending on the family’s preferences and who proposes. Since each country has different traditions, arranged marriage differs from one country to another. In fact, many arranged marriages end up more successful than love marriages. Although many people consider the choice of falling in love and later on getting married, yet the best way to find your husband and wife is through arranged marriages because they provide enough time of engagement, ensure the couples future and both families are supportive. To start with, an arranged marriage is considered more successful in many societies since it provides enough time of engagement. During the period of time that precedes actual marriage, the couples get to meet each other, know the other party’s personality and consequently fall in love. In Islam arranged marriage is just like love matching, yet in Islamic way to have compatibility. For instance, when Al Mughirah Ibn Shaibah got engaged to a woman without seeing her, Prophet Mohammad told him to go and see her so that love and compatibility can be
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