The Pros And Cons Of Asian-Americans

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Many Top Charts movies have spectacular main actors. Although these actors are very talented, were any of the main actors Asian-Americans? There has been a controversy whether or not Asian-Americans are in enough movies or TV shows. In the 2015-2016 season, only 3%-4% of Asian characters made it. Of the Top 100 films of 2015, 49 had no Asian characters and 0 had leading roles that went to Asians (Levin). Asian’s are discriminated in entertainment industries by rarely becoming the main roles, are whitewashed, and play similar types of characters in movies/TV shows.

Asian-Americans can be discriminated in entertainment industries because they rarely become the main roles on movies or TV series. They have many chanced to audition to become the main roles, but some things happen making them become more of a lead role or lower. Sam Levin, a reporter for the Guardian US in San Francisco, implies that, “Okatsuka said she had also lost lead Asian roles to mixed-race women who looked much more white. The message she received was: ‘You’re more fitting for this more soft-hearted, kind, kimono-wearing friend of the lead”’ (Levin). Okatsuka finally had her chance to become the lead role, not even a main one and still got it taken for someone whiter. She wasn’t even able to get the main role and came so close to getting lead roles but have lost them for the similar reasons as before. It is hard for Asian-Americans to get main or lead roles. When they can’t seem to be able to do it they

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