The Importance Of Education In Mainstream Schools

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All children, regardless of ability, have the right to receive a free education in the least restrictive environment, according to the U.S. Department of Education. What does this mean for kids with autism? When possible, they may transition from an autism school to a mainstream school for all or part of the day. This transition can be scary for parents, though, as you wonder if your child is ready to succeed in a different academic environment without the helpful and constant support provided by the autism school. Rest assured that educators do not make a transition recommendation lightly. They evaluate each child individually and look for several abilities and coping skills as they decide if your child is ready to transition from an autism…show more content…
Educators will evaluate your child’s capacity to comprehend the coursework, successfully study and pass tests, meet in-class and homework expectations and adjust to different teaching styles. Additionally, your child must demonstrate that he is on track academically with other students in his grade level. Most children can catch up quickly if they’re behind a little bit, but the educators will evaluate any academic gaps and the placement options to ensure your child can successfully close the gap and fit in academically with his…show more content…
Even the class size, building aromas and alert or bell sounds will be different. The evaluation team will consider how well your child solves problems, rises above discouragement and frustration, tolerates change and embraces new experiences. Your child’s resilience, anxiety levels, and ability to handle and respond to change factor into her readiness for the challenges of this new step in her education. Behavioral Abilities A child with autism may exhibit a variety of negative behaviors when faced with challenges, uncertainties, sensory triggers and other variables. Before transitioning to a mainstream environment, your child must demonstrate that she can handle the new school without significant outbursts, meltdowns, elopement or other inappropriate behavior. A mainstream school may allow fidget tools, some physical movement and other accommodations during classes, but in general, your child must possess coping skills and demonstrate acceptable behavior that supports a calm and safe environment for herself, peers and teachers. Social

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