The Pros And Cons Of Ban Alcohol And Tobacco Products

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Even though the tobacco industry denies the claims by scholars that their advertisements target the adolescent and young nonsmokers, there are indications that the advertisements and promotions done for tobacco products play a big role in introducing nonsmokers into smoking. These nonsmokers and adolescents are needed to start smoking as a way of increasing the sales of the tobacco products it is, however, important to notice the warnings usually included in the advertisements done to promote the sales of tobacco and alcohol products. Alcohol and tobacco are among the drugs that are most debated upon yet the most adopted worldwide (Madden & Grube, 1994). In fact, the economies of various countries around the globe
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For example, in most of the advertisements for alcohol products, a warning is included that indicates that the users should not drink and drive and that alcohol should not be sold to children under 18 years of age (Hammond, 2011). The advertisements for tobacco products are also important because in most cases they contain the warning regarding the health risks of smoking. It would be wrong to ban the advertisements for tobacco and alcohol products yet the products themselves are not…show more content…
The advertisements entice people to use more of the harmful drugs, thereby leading to addiction. In addition to these, the advertisements are not inclusive of the full details regarding the harmful effects of the drugs. It is, therefore, important for all countries around the globe to ban the misleading advertisements.

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