Whaling Should Be Banned Essay

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do and do not agree with permitting Norwegian and Japanese hunting of the non-endangered species of whales. I do as in I do believe that people should be allowed to hunt whales. I do not agree as in I do not believe that only the Norwegian and Japanese should be allowed to hunt the whales. If some people are allowed to hunt whales all cultures should be allowed to hunt whales. One culture or type of people should not be allowed something another is not. A part of globalization is human rights, with human rights all should be given the same rights, none more or fewer rights than another.

2.) I do believe that a ban on whaling interferes with a nations’ sovereignty. For a nation to be sovereign it needs to be able to make its own decisions and has the freedom to do what it deems best, even if it isn’t agreed upon by the rest of the Earth. So yes, the ban is in violation of the nations, all the nations sovereignty.

3.) A culture should be free to make its own laws and exemptions; thus keeping its sovereignty. If the problem that arises affects the whole Earth then maybe a panel should be formed but not to change or go against the nation. If a nation deems something doable then the nation should be able to do it, although with some agreed upon limitations. Whaling will not kill the
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While this is popular world opinion does not always mean it is correct, or in some cases wrong. To balance the claims extremes should not be taken. As with allowing whaling, moderations could be put into place. It could be allowed with only a certain number of whales per year or in keeping with a nation's sovereignty leaving the decisions about whether or not to allow whaling to the nations in which whaling exists or is part of the culture. I am still strongly for allowing or denying certain things only if they are for everyone or no one. The only way to achieve complete equal rights for all is to have the same rules for all no matter the

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