The Pros And Cons Of Basal Implants

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It is a challenging procedure to rehabilitate an atrophied edentulous jaw by placing conventional

implants. Although various bone augmentation procedure like ridge augmentation, sinus lift are in

practice but it may lead to the morbidity of donor’s site. Sometimes patient is not willing for such

extensive surgical procedures. In such cases basal implants is a viable treatment option. Basal

implants derive support from the basal bone area which usually remains free from the infection and

less prone to resorption. This article discusses about the review literature of basal implants.

Key words: Basal Implants, Bone augmentation, Sinus lift, BOI Implants, BCS Implants


Implant placement in severely atrophic jaws is
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Drugs of concern are those that are utilized in the

treatment of cancer and drugs that inhibit blood clotting.

Advantages Of Basal Implants [7]:

One piece implantology – Basal implants are one piece implants that minimizes the failure of

implants due to interface problems between the connections that exist in conventional two and three

piece implants.

Basal – cortical bone support – These implants require support from the basal bone which is a lot

more resistant to resorption, unlike the conventional implants that mostly take support from the

crestal bone. Basal cortical bone has a much faster and stable repairing capacity.

Works well in compromised bone situations – Bone augmentation / grafting, sinus lifting and nerve trans-positioning procedures can be avoided. These implants particularly take advantage of the

bone available to avoid bone augmentation procedures. Whereas for conventional implants, the

available bone has to be modified by augmentation procedures to suit the implants.

Better distribution of masticatory forces – The basal implants are imbedded in high quality basal

bone. Hence, the masticatory forces get distributed to the cortical bone areas that are highly

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