Persuasive Essay On Unisex Bathrooms

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This paper will take a look at the way society approaches transgender bathroom rights, and propose a solution to the argument. It addresses any concerns raised by the proposal, and provides sound and compelling arguments as to why all public spaces should contain a unisex bathroom for any gender to use.
Keywords: gender, transgender, bathroom, unisex When a transgender or non-binary person goes to use the bathroom, they are forced to face an impossible choice. Do they enter the women’s bathroom, or the men’s? Depending on how they look, they could get weird glances, double-takes, or even attacked no matter which door they enter, and depending on the state they live in, they may not even have the choice between restrooms. For years, liberals and conservatives have argued over a transgender person’s ability to use their choice in bathroom, and there appears to be no end in sight. However, there is a simple solution to this problem: make all bathrooms unisex. This idea may seem radical, but why?

The Plan
The easiest way to assure all queer people feel comfortable going to the bathroom, while assuring the comfort of cisgender individuals as well, is to make all bathrooms individual, unisex rooms- or at least to offer one of these bathrooms as an option in all public spaces. Not only does this accommodate the queer community, but it also
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All of the facts point to unisex bathrooms as the best solution to the argument- satisfying liberals and conservatives alike. However, ignorance and hatred continue to blind people to the truth. People refuse to give transgender people a safe space to pee because they do not want to admit they deserve basic human rights. This thinly-veiled bigotry can not be allowed to flourish. After all, the only thing transgender people want to do into bathrooms is use the toilet without fearing for their
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