The Pros And Cons Of Becoming President Of The United States

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A common wish among Americans is if they were President they would change so much and do what is best for everyone. Now common sense suggest that this would most likely not happen. Because of the separation of powers created by the constitution the branches of government have the ability to keep each other in check. So this essay is going to be taken from the point of view that separation of powers gives the President a little more ability to pass what laws he wants without having to deal with the congress, senate, and the Supreme Court. With this in mind a controversial topic of today in our country is social services such as the welfare system and food stamps. If I were to become the next President of the United States some things would…show more content…
Some of the positives of the welfare system are primarily straight forward such as helping the poor buy necessities for day to day living, provides food, medical care, help people get their lives on track to where they can provide for their families. Welfare is intended to be a temporary assistance not long-term. After reviewing some of these positives it’s easy to tell that the intent of these programs were good hearted and with the desire to help pull our citizens up and on their…show more content…
This would require government workers to go inspect the place of residence, this will also create government jobs. The different short term plans would range from one to five years depending on the citizens health and home. They would be required to take a drug test every other week and failure to do so would result in a stop in all funding. If the citizen fails to take three drug tests in a row and they have kids a social worker will be sent to evaluate if the kids can live there any longer. The citizen will also be required to fill out five job applications by the end of the month and prove so by filling out an information sheet allowing us call and see if the application has been turned in. Doing this will allow us to hold the citizen accountable and see how hard they are trying to get a job. Failure to do this will result in the same punishment with the drug testing. Citizens who are in the short term plan because of an injury that has crippled them and caused them to lose their job will be allowed an extended period of time without the application aspect at least until healthy again. This is only if less serious injuries that can be recovered from within a five year period. The injured citizen will require proven documentation and signature by a professional health care provider. The funding depending on the citizens situation

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