The Pros And Cons Of Being A Dabbler

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Over the years, the internet has become increasingly vital in the everyday life of ordinary individuals. Sadly, it has gained the dependence of many children, adults, and seniors. Forming groups of people on a level based on their reliance of the internet. People who benefit in using the internet are grouped into the following three categories: dabblers, regulars, and addicts.
Dabbler This is the primary operator of many who use the internet. A dabbler is one who uses the internet irregularly. Which in one way in my opinion is good. Today’s society is too attached to the internet. The pros of being a dabbler is having more time outside and interacting with others. You are not consumed by the internet allowing you to have more control over
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The next thing you know you can’t stop using it. The internet is a very useful device; we have information from all over the world in the tip of our finger. Also, the internet provides a 24- hour service. Consequently, the internet has the power to control the human mind. The effects include distractions, personality changes, and health issues. The internet is like a God. Once you let him in, he has full control over your thoughts and behavior. For example, an addict starts as a dabbler but his interests lead him to addiction. You could say an addict is someone whose body slowly starts crumbling. Firstly, an addict begins forming a bubble. The bubble separates the user from his friend and family, causing him to become anti-social, and lose control ex, breakdowns. Secondly, their personality starts to change they start becoming lazy, selfish, and distracted. Lastly, health issues may include depression, anxiety, and fatigue.
In this essay, I grouped internet users into three main categories summarizing the advantages and disadvantages each one. The three groups are based on the usage of internet operators. The discussion of these people are very important for the following reasons: (1), so people know on which level they are a part of. (2) So people are aware of the consequences that come with each operator. The following topics discussed included dabblers, regulars, and
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