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What does it mean to be a traveler or a tourist? Although the only difference a dictionary lists is that one travels far, and the other travels for pleasure, it’s hard to imagine that they are not interchangeable. Do you not travel far, for pleasure? Or travel for pleasure, to a far-off destination? Some take offense about being called a tourist, others take offense at not being accepted as a local. A tourist may appear to be someone who doesn’t appear to know what they are doing. Some people view a tourist as someone who does not blend in, takes pictures, and wears the same clothing they would at home. Some consider a tourist as someone who only wants all the pleasures of home. But don’t we all wonder where we are at from time to time? Would you rather stay in bunk bed in a dorm, or in a private room with a hot shower? A traveler may appear to know exactly what they are doing. Some also consider a traveler someone who tries to immerse themselves in the local culture, rather than standout, someone who doesn’t mind sharing a bathroom or sleeping in a flea ridden, noisy hostel, instead of having A/C or Wi-Fi. To us, a tourist is someone that travels to a far-off destination, and never leaves the all-inclusive resort, and never deviates from what they normally would do. They consider it a vacation, a break…show more content…
A few lucky souls are blessed with not having to worry about expenses, and others might be on a very strict budget. Besides the destination guides, here you will find links to articles we 've written that deal with planning your trip, ways to travel smarter, save money, and be safer on your travel, be your trip a vacation or a journey. We have written other articles that give general advice that is relevant to any trip, no matter how you got there, or how long you intend to stay. We use all of this information on our own travels, and we hope you do

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