Persuasive Speech On New Motherhood

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As the joys of new motherhood sink in and you settle to enjoy a new life with your baby, reality comes knocking. The maternity leave period is soon coming to an end and the mere thought of joining work after being up all night seems improbable.
And adding to the misery is the new mommy guilt: how to leave the baby behind and be a selfish mother placing your career first?
Even though you have always been sure of re-joining work after the baby, the transition to returning to life as a working mother will always be a rollercoaster ride of mixed emotions.
And if you haven’t sorted out your childcare arrangements and decided whom to leave the baby with, the return to work will never be easy.
Torn between mommy duties and professional commitments, new mothers often are tormented by the thought of leaving behind a child who is needy.
Moreover as most babies aren’t yet sleeping through the night, expect to
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Start daycare early for a smooth transition. An early start can save you from unwarranted glitches as you move from a stay-at-home mother to a working mommy. Developing confidence and trust in your childcare provider before you return will make those first days a little easier.
3. Don’t wallow in self-pity and harbour guilt. Do not hold yourself guilty of choosing to work. Always remember that by choosing to work, you will provide your family a better life. At the same time, it is also important to understand that stay-at-home mothers too have their own set of challenges. As a working mother, you can teach your children to be independent from a young age and capable of taking their own decisions.
4. Learn to compartmentalise. It is critical that you learn to switch on and switch off roles. When in office, learn to not think about home and baby and focus on completion of tasks at hand. And when at home, switch off from work worries and enjoy time with the child. But a trick to be more efficient is to plan and organise for the next day to save precious
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