The Pros And Cons Of Being An Art Major

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Almost every art major that I have spoken to or read about has said that when they explained their major to someone else, that it was a negative reaction. Many people in society don’t believe that being an art major is a reasonable career choice. There is an entire boat full of opportunities in the art field, but the question still remains: is it worth the college tuition? When going into a college major, many students would like to know what direction they could go with their major in the future. With art majors, there is an abundance of job opportunities. These include: Exhibition designer, fine artist, art educational teacher (middle school/high school), illustrator, museum or gallery curator, or a printmaker (N.A., 2016). Even within these…show more content…
Luckily, depending on how much one cares about their art, they may have more pros than cons. For an art major, the majority of your art is going to be homework. Therefore, that means that one of the negatives of being an art major is when your project is taken home, you have to worry about something happening to it. This list could be an abundance of things: coffee spill, an animal treats it as a toy, a roommate drops and breaks it, etc. Another con is the competition of your classmates. Being in a college art class can be intimidating because it is difficult to feel like you are succeeding when the person next to you could very well be the next Picasso. Along with the fees of being an art major, supplies can be super expensive. It is required that you buy everything you need, and this isn’t a tiny list. This list includes things such as: brushes, pencils, blending stumps, canvas, paint, colored pencils, or maybe even clay if your interest is ceramics. Lastly, another con that can be disappointing is the fact that when you finally get done with your art, it may not even look the way you want it to. Art, among many other things, is a love hate relationship between the art and the artist (Contributor,
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