The Pros And Cons Of Being Daddy's Girl

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Being the first and only child in a house can have the best perks. Being daddy 's girl is even better because he is suppose to know what to do and he is the one that protects you and loves you unconditionally. My dad is what people call the over protective and overbearing dad who likes to know everything that I 'm doing. Being daddy 's girl only lasted for a while that is until my sister was born. Having a dad who is overprotective has its disadvantages of not being able to go out, the rules that are beyond ridiculous just because I was the eldest and a girly girl, and how unfair he could actually be. Growing up in a traditional Hispanic home you learn to follow certain things that involve trusting my family above everything, having a lot of people around you all the time, and always listen to your parents. My dad is one of the traditional types of dad. When you think of a Hispanic dad, that 's my dad. The macho guy who likes to be in control and everything he says goes no questions asked. Growing up with him could have its drawbacks. I remember a time when i wanted to stay over at my cousins home while he left to a soccer game and he didn 't want me to stay…show more content…
Growing up a girl wasn 't the easiest thing because there was always the who 's that boy, why are you talking to him, watch what you 're doing, that skirt is too short and the list could go on and on. I was no exception to said comments. I was test subject 0. Being the first for both my parents, I had to learn to listen to the most ignorant rules. Ashley you have to go to bed early, Ashley you have to be nice to your cousins, Ashley you have to share your chair with your sister, Ashley you can 't be friends with a boy, Ashley you can 't wear makeup, you have to stay in your seat, and etc. Common rules that turn into long-term laws. I couldn 't have friends over until I was in 8th grade and I still couldn 't be in my room with my friend who were two of my girl friends Diana and Vanessa. l was always
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