Pros And Cons Of Single Parents Essay

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Being single in our society or having a sort of non-formal relationship such as a marriage has become very common and normal nowadays. For some people instead of having a destructive or catastrophic marriage, they decide to live in peace and without any interruptions since modern life nowadays is unpredictable and no one really knows what could happen tomorrow or the day after. But imagine a scenario in which you decide to stay single and you have decided to live without any obligations; you just want to enjoy your life or maybe just focus on being a professional in a certain type of career. However, years later, you decide that eventually your perfect and single life ultimately has become sort of boring, so you think about it and eventually, you weigh the options and decide that you want to have a child. You start searching up for adoption agencies and while you are doing this, you start shopping for the child’s clothes, furniture, etc. You also take into consideration to start adjusting your expenses and you also start to study your banking budget since a new member is going to come to your life and he/she needs…show more content…
And although single parents may face obstacles when raising a child of their own since it takes time and not only that, you also need to have a good financial position since the child needs the best care, with the help of a person or a family member who could take care of the baby, single parents would have more opportunities to fulfill their dreams; be able to take care of a child without any restrictions or
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