The Pros And Cons Of Beyond Differences

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You’re probably thinking, “Wow! Bullying seems so horrible. What’s being done to prevent it?” Well, there are many different ways people are trying to prevent bullying. There are organizations created to prevent bullying, individual teen activists leading the charge against bullying, and state and schoolwide efforts to prevent bullying. There are many organizations created to prevent bullying, such as Beyond Differences, which is a national nonprofit group with a mission to help all kids feel valued and accepted. Beyond Differences created a program called No One Eats Alone where students sit with other randomly selected kids and try to get to know each other in hopes that no one would feel left out. Laura Talmus started Beyond Differences. Her daughter, Lili Smith, was born with a medical condition that caused the bones of her face or skull to not grow normally, according to an article titled “Middle school students work to make everyone feel welcome at lunch time” by St. Louis Post-Dispatch, adapted by Newsela staff on 2/24/2015. Lili would call her mother from the restroom, crying, nearly every day. This was because she had no one to eat with, and the girls at her school didn’t want her to sit with them. Beyond Differences’ No One Eats Alone Day attempts to prevent this social isolation. It attempts to prevent this by assigning kids a certain, randomly chosen table with other kids so everyone will have someone to sit with and talk to. Another anti-bullying
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