The Pros And Cons Of Biomes

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Biomes and Ecosystems are a huge part of the world. Without them animals would have to adapt to the landscapes or die. Humans are not helping animals as the need for more products is growing. This means that deforestation is becoming a big problem and causing animals to leave their biome and look for a new one to adapt to. Biomes are different to ecosystems because a biome is an area of land that is classified depending on the animals that live in it. Biomes are what keep animals alive by offering food, water, light and soil. Biomes aren’t always in the same place. Because of climate change forests die and dry out. An ecosystem is an area of land that has animals, plants insects and other living things. An ecosystem also involves weather, and landscape. An ecosystem is a combination of living things and also non living things. A biome can be made up of many different biomes like an aquatic biome which can…show more content…
There are many different plants like algae, seagrass, phytoplankton, coral reefs, seaweed, marsh grasses, and many more. There is a huge problem with overfishing at the moment and if it goes on there will not be enough fish more the food chain to function and then more species will get extinct. Desert biomes are very interesting as during the day the heat is almost unbearable for humans but animals have adapted and they can stand the heat. At night is a completely different story, instead of the weather being extremely hot at night it becomes super cold. The animals in the desert biome need to adapt to the different temperatures. Some of the animals that live in the desert are, Bats, Buffalo, Bison, Giraffe, Elephant, Elk, Lions, Camels, Zebra, Cheetah, Gazelle, Snakes and Lizards, Some the plants in the desert are, Cacti, Weathered trees, Elephant trees, Desert Lilies and Palm trees. All the plants have their own way to survive the harsh

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