Argument In Favor Of Birth Control

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A full time working mother, Kinsley B, struggles with expenses of children and exhaustion. Children are expensive, so she can 't afford to have another child. Birth control was the way to go for her. Even though she loves children, she needs to take care of the children she has now. If Kinsley didn 't have the option for free birth control, she would end up with more children that she can afford (Kinsley B.). Birth control should continue to be given out for free to help health problems, accidental pregnancies, and abortion rates.

First of all, if birth control is given out for free, it will help with women 's health issues. Birth control helps with all women 's acne problems, it will clear up their faces on the daily use of the pill (Fetters). If you take birth control daily, it will help with your PMS (mood swings) (Fetters). If you have painful periods, taking birth control will help, it will slow them down (Fetters). When you have bad migraines on your period, taking birth control will help settle it (Fetters). Taking free birth control will help with all gynecological health issues (Fetters). In the end, if you
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Trump wants to cut back on free birth control because it 's more money for the government to pay if they continue to give it out. (Fox). The goal of cutting back on free birth control is to protect every person 's right of religious freedom. (Fox). When pregnant, nearly half of pregnancies turn out to be unplanned or abortions. (Fox). According to Maggie Fox, "A 2012 study of more than 9,000 women found that when women got no-cost birth control, the number of unplanned pregnancies and abortions fell between 62 and 78 percent" (Fox). The study that was shown, said that removing barriers is highly effective in birth control, (Fox). In the end, if birth control is free, the abortion rate will go down and unplanned pregnancies will slow
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