The Pros And Cons Of Black Lives Matter

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The need for change was very important in the 1950’s and 1960’s during the Civil Rights Movement. It can still be seen that the constant need for change is very apparent with the Black Lives Matter campaign. There are many close comparisons even after fifty years. One thing that makes them similar is the riots that erupted in two cities. The riots in Ferguson, Missouri can be easily compared to the Watts neighborhood located in Los Angeles. Both causes extreme destruction to their town and involved the wrongdoing of a white police officer against a black male. Another thing the times have that is similar is powerful leaders. In the Civil Rights Movement Martin Luther King Jr. prevailed as the most powerful leader at the time. He took a non…show more content…
It has surged throughout the country in a similar way to how Black Power did in the fifties and sixties. One thing that sets the two apart is what they represent. Although they both want equality for the African American race, Black Power called for the renewance of African culture. On the other hand Black Lives Matter calls for self unity and determination the same way Black Power did. The Guardian states “In almost every area of society, black Americans remain disadvantaged.”. Even after sixty years since the Civil Rights Movement African Americans remain at a disadvantage. Black Lives Matter also pushes for those of color to take a stand and speak instead of not letting their voice go unheard. Colin Kaepernick is a good example of someone who spoke their mind even though there were bigger consequences on the line. In the 1968 Olympic games, two African American sprinter named John Carlos and Tommie Smith raised a fist while the National Anthem played to show unity and show the importance of equality. This is very similar to the approach that Kaepernick took almost fifty years later. Both movements drive for the same goals that is ultimately change across
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