Blackberry Marketing Cycle

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Blackberry brought to seen it's first device in 1999. BlackBerry limited is the designer and marketer of services. It has been a company famous for its custom-designed phones and QWERTY keyboards providing easy message typing that has been quite an advantage for constant phone users who engage in messaging and sending emails whether formal or informal but in past it has been popular for its functionalities that appeal the people related to business. BlackBerry has always been considered a business phone with its dark colors, decent casing, sleek styles and formal appearance. BlackBerry in 2008 was on the passage of success as when it came to smart phones, one out of every five was produced by blackberry which is the symbol of
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So what we have here is a 4.5 inch screen and phone that seems like a square busting the image of the rectangular phones from famous companies like Samsung, Apple and HTC. BlackBerry has made a come back with a belief that it Brough an innovation that was much needed by changing the shape of phone and introducing a QWERTY keyboard.
Now as we can see that in the past blackberry has faced quite many failures but if we move back a little more let's say 2008, we can see that BlackBerry used to be a phone worth having, from its customised designs for business men and even for President Barack Obama to its being left with only 1 percent share in the mobile market, BlackBerry has come a long way and yet it is hopeful that the new passport phone will be successful.
Now for the launch of its new phone blackberry has adopted marketing strategies different from what it adopted in the past. The strategy is about targeting the elite class mostly the business professionals who are continuous phone users and utilize it for emailing and messages. BlackBerry is calling this phenomenon 'Selective promotion'. Now the big questions that comes to everyone’s mind can be
• Is this selective promotion going to gain BlackBerry enough market
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For question 2
Blackberry has a history of working with professionals providing them phones of their choices. BlackBerry is well aware of the fact that the business class will be the potential buyers of the phone so why not focus only on selective promotion rather then being distracted in different directions. When you know your buyers then why not focus on them and look for the prospective profits that can be earned from the selective sector. Question 3
Blackberry is going to market and advertise it's phone to the 'Power professionals' through digital media and social schemes. It's ads will be found where ever the business professionals go to search for information gathering. BlackBerry is using effective marketing plan and stratagies in order to captivate it's target market with a thrill of using its new phone.

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