The Pros And Cons Of Blood Diamonds

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Blood Diamonds Diamonds are carbon products that are used for two main purposes. They are an ornamental jewel which is globally accepted as a precious stone, used as gifts or as a symbol of love. Industrial jewels are used in industries to make drills and other industrial equipment. Diamonds are also used as investments where, stockbrokers would substitute their money for the diamond with the idea that the prices of diamonds do not fall (Documentary Tube, 2015). Blood diamonds refer to diamonds that are extracted by rebel forces that are opposed to internationally recognized governments. The rebel forces use revenue generated from the diamonds to finance their activities. In their extraction, a lot of human rights violations are carried out including slavery, forced labor and cases of rape. Different efforts have been highlighted combat the sale of the diamonds in the international market (Kimberley, 2013).The key among them being the Kimberly Process, which tries to track the sale of uncut or rough diamonds by regulation. The Kimberly Process has a total of 71 participating countries. It requires certification for every rough diamond, and members of the Kimberly process are not allowed to buy diamonds from non participating states. However, the process has not been able to comprehensively end the sale of blood diamonds. Diamonds are also not as valuable as we perceive them and their value was by large a scheme by cartels to change our perception of the stone. This essay

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