The Pros And Cons Of Bluetooth

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In today’s world the technology which is made wireless communication easier is Bluetooth technology which is used for transferring data in short range. People who are looking to gain information in an unauthorized manner is viewed very closely to any new improvement or invention. Security of data is very important aspect in Bluetooth .Bluetooth security has many other different versions of bluetooth regarding security and speed of transferring the data which is to be according to the need and demand .Mainly this paper covers man in the middle attack security issues . While establishing encryption key between two Bluetooth devices, there is eavesdropping and MITM attack . Based on elliptic curves cryptography and interlock protocol a schema…show more content…
One such technology is Bluetooth, which enables the users to communicate and exchange various kinds of information like messages, audio, streaming music and file transfer in a Personal Area Network (PAN).This paper proposed an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) based on a set of rules. While using the services of different Cryptographic Service Providers (CSP) on different operating systems which is independent of programming language, like in this paper we have taken Android OS as a reference .The IDS and IPS together create possible attacks which have been outlined based on the behavioural pattern of the attacker. But this approach is unable to prevent data leakage that can occur outside the scope of a defined set of rules.

4.Location Privacy Vulnerable from Bluetooth Devices:
Scanning Mac address of bluetooth devices which are available and showing the risk of location privacy to be compromised from the bluetooth scanning .Hcitool scan is used to detect Bluetooth MAC address. A set of bluetooth devices were taken to traced using five off-the-self laptops, a set of users with common preference and behaviour .The system not only allow us the no. of passers-by but also their activities and behaviour ,e.g how often they come in a given range and when they leave .The location privacy is vulnerable from careless configured Bluetooth device with probability from 0.027 to 0.006 .

5.Wireless Security & Privacy

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