Essay On Don T Jump So Fast On Police Body Cameras

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In today's world there is a lot of mistrust surrounding the police. Many people, some with good reason and some without, don't trust the police. Often times an officer is just doing their job when tragedy strikes and a life is taken. There is usually paramount evidence supporting a justified shooting. But, whether the shooting was justified and self defense or not, people simply don't buy it. They riot and call the police liars, refusing to believe multiple coroners reports and witnesses testimony. The media spreads controversy and reports on select stories often times while having only a little information, spreading lies and mistrust. It has become very clear that something needs to change fast, but what can be done? I strongly believe that requiring every police officer across the …show more content…

As is the case with almost all technology, there is the possibility of malfunctions is there. " In addition, cameras have a way of malfunctioning. For example, body cameras filmed two shootings in San Diego, but the cameras somehow failed to work. A police officer in New Orleans shot a man in the head while wearing a body camera. However, that camera also malfunctioned. Even taking the most optimistic view of our criminal justice system as possible, accidents do happen, and video footage does disappear."- "Don’t Jump so Fast on Police Body Cameras." TNJ Our View. N.p., 1 Dec. 2014. Web. 7 Oct. 2015. If the cameras malfunction, it could be disastrous for the officer, possibly garnishing charges and bolstering claims against him even if they aren't true. They could also malfunction and stop an innocent civilian from being abused or falsely accused of crimes they in fact did not commit. Even with technology malfunctioning on a daily basis we still rely heavily upon it in our everyday lives. Malfunctions happen and that's just a part of life. The benefits still outweigh the possibilities of a

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