The Pros And Cons Of Body Modification

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Body modification is “a generic term for a variety of techniques aimed at changing one or more parts of the body from the natural state into a consciously designed state.”(Body Modification pg.1) While prominent today, this practice actually has ancient evidence tracking back 6,000 years from numerous different cultures. Undoubtedly it leaves question as to why in current time there are unresolved social issues with body modification. (Tattoos and piercings – are they compatible with the workplace? pg.1). One of today’s most prominent forms of body modification is tattooing. (Elzweig, Peeples pg.1) A close second to piercings, the tattooed population is progressively increasing although most regulations are at a standstill, mainly in the workplace. Nationwide, tattooed employees are discriminated against their willingness to perform, cleanliness in the workplace, and respectability from clientele. Depending on the occupation and visibility of the tattoo, people have difficulty finding jobs and in most cases are forced to cover up when in work. With little legal protection against tattoo discrimination, the affected demographic with religious tattoos are the only group capable of protection by filing the “Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964” to claim religious discrimination. (Elzweig, Peeples pg.1) Employees with tattoos should be allowed to dress in the standard dress code of their occupation and not be denied or face judgment in their position with body modification

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